Hip Replacement

March 2, 2004

I was lucky enough to have a painful left hip replaced. Looks like everything is moving along nicely. It will take at least 3 months for complete healing. As it stands, I have no pain in the hip (a HUGE improvement) and I am up walking... slowly.

But now I want to give you some links and pic's of the components that were put in place to complete my total hip replacement surgery. There are basically 4 components.

Part 1: A REALLY Great Surgeon Dr. Robert Gilbert
Dr. Robert Gilbert (retired)
Part 2: The Hip Socket Pinnacle II Acetabular Cup System
Depuy Pinnacle II Acetabular Cup System
Part 3: The Femoral Stem Summit Tapered Hip System
Depuy Summit Tapered Hip System
Part 4: The Femoral Head Biolox Delta
Biolox Delta Ball

Update: June 22, 2004

It has been over three months and the improvements have been wonderful. The left leg gained .25 inches and is now the same length as my right leg. The left leg had been shortened from previous surgeries but that is fixed now.

Another nice improvement is with the removal of deformity inside the hip, I stand up straight at the waist. People are surprised 'on how tall I have become'. (Actually was always 6 feet tall, but you couldn't tell because I was slightly bent over at the waist).

The hip continues to be pain free AND the muscles are gaining strength very nicely. I could not be happier with the turn of events.

Update: February 17, 2006

Well here we are ... almost 2 years out from surgery. (quite a time jump). I could not be happier with how the hip has performed. I continue to be pain free. I find my leg able to do things it could never do before. Just the other day I was standing casually with the left foot on the curb and the right foot in the street. I was balanced and stable on both feet. I stopped and took notice of the moment. Outside, I look pulled together and relaxed. Inside I am thinking WOW look at this! Something new and different and it doesn't hurt!.. HOW NEAT IS THIS!

I have talked to several people over the last two years who have been facing hip replacement surgery of their own. I am so glad the research I found on the web that I have placed here has been able to help others. Some have been friends for years, others have become friends as we talk.

Update: April 15, 2007

I strained the hip region working it too hard. Luckily it was only a soft tissue injury which heals given time. Man, I'll tell you it hurt like life prior to the replacement. Glad it was nothing really permanent.

Update: March 4, 2009

Well it is now my 5th Anniversary (plus a couple of days). I visited my doctor today and he said there is no signs of wear whatsoever. Pretty amazing. I asked him how he likes the results he has been getting from the materials he used on me. He said he could not be happier. Plus there are several studies out that have nothing but good things to say about the mix of components I have in my hip. Needless to say I am thrilled with the results I am seeing. I will not be going back to see my doctor for another 10 years. So all in all this has been nothing but a good thing I have done.

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