Vintage Ed Pic's

Web Site Material From By-Gone Days...

...I made this page for my XHTML Class then decided to add it to my site.

I thought I might share with you some 'vintage' material from days gone by from my website.

Me and a childhood Hero (Astroboy) My Hero!

Here I am with a childhood hero Astroboy. The Menga Exhibit was in town at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum in 2007. I am glad they placed the figure in the lobby. I would never have tried to take a camera into the full exhibit. Cell Phones are WONDERFUL!

Grammys Logo This is a partial image from my membership card for The Recording Academy. I scanned my membership card and then using Picturesque, I was able to crop the image down to just the logo, add rounded corners and a drop shadow. Just some fun toying around with images. The whole idea of being a member of The Recording Academy thrills me no end.
Eddie and the Golden Gate Bridge How's this for perspective! I was working for a Bay Area company and we took a boat ride around the bay. When I saw the opportunity to have a picture of myself with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge over my shoulder (overhead really), I grabbed a fellow employee who moonlights as a professional photographer and we caught this image! It was taken back in 2003 but I love it as much now as I did then.... These opportunities don't come along everyday.

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