CCSF Fall 2009 / CNIT 132 Homework #3 - Graphics

The background image was taken by me as I walked around his neighborhood. For use in this project, I have reduced all images in this project to 72 dpi x 72 dpi and 8-bit color depth. To keep the thumbnail images from suffering any degradation, I left them at 32-bit color depth.

Looking up from roadway of Golden Gate Bridge / Click for larger Image This picture was taken as I was a passenger riding across the Golden Gate Bridge. What you are looking at is an upwards angle at the base of one of the towers of the bridge. The shot was taken through the sunroof and I thought the perspective of the wires was really interesting. It's not often I get to cross the bridge and not be driving at the time. Another thing to take note of is the rich deep blue of the sky. Just lovely. Do you remember the anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge ? The authorities opened the bridge to the general public an people did things like have picnics right there on the roadway. The bridge was PACKED with people! The bridge's resident engineers were caught by surprise... with so much stationary weight on the bridge surface, the upwards bow that is normally present in the roadway HAD FLATTENED OUT! They were concerned the bridge might not handle all that stationary weight.... typically the bridge handles transitory weight. It is an easy would bet they will not repeat that 'little stunt' again.

Kevin's Kitchen Items / Click for larger Image This is a picture taken of some kitchen items and old children's wooden blocks. The picture was taken by Kevin Murphy using a Canon 620A 7.2 megpixel camera. I really have come to more than just like this photo. It's use of color and shapes and layout and I never realized how small the salt and pepper shakers are until I saw them in real life. He has really enjoyed exploring his artistic side by taking ordinary objects and composing them into interesting photographs like this one which I call "kitchen". Sometimes he'll leave the image untouched like this or sometimes he'll take Apple's iPhoto and throw unusual adjustments into the color scheme to make the image suite his artistic interest. After you click on the image to go to the larger version of this image, there are three click-on areas in the image.

One in the first red plastic cup to the left, another is the Starbuck's card in the bowl at the top of the image, and then the last clickable area in the image is the top of the salt shaker in the third red cup from the left.

Try them all and see where they take you.

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