CCSF Fall 2009 / CNIT 132 Homework #4 - MultiMedia

This is a the Multimedia Assignment. Wow!! The two weeks between due dates kind of just flew by. Without further delay.... here we go!

Animated GIF's

Download Animated GIF This is an animated GIF I downloaded from the web. Pretty simple but I like it.

Icons from my Most Used Apps This is an animated GIF I threw together. I have a folder in my Dock (OS X equivalent to the Start Menu in Windows). In this folder I keep symbolic links to my most often used apps. Keeping them in the folder keeps my dock from displaying a ton of icons... The more icons in the dock, the smaller each icon gets. I get around that issue this way.

As I am working on a mac, I had to figure out a tool for creating an animated GIF on this hardware. By the way, an animated GIF is basically like a film reel of several images displayed one after the other. Well I happen to have Adobe ImageReady. I collected up eleven images (10 icons from a screen snapshot and 1 cropped image of Apple's new Colophon for OS X 10.6 code name: Snow Leopard) After getting the images into an animated GIF layout, I utilized a tool in ImageReady to create and insert into the GIF, transitional images to blend from one icon into the next. Each of my icon images is displayed for one-half second before the transition to the next image begins. The animation repeats 4 times. I am proud of it... it is something of MINE.. not something borrowed.

WAV's MP3's MIDI's

Hey Rocky! [WAV]

O Holy Night [MP3]
as Heard on NBC's 'Studio 60'
Waterloo [MIDI]


(32 KB)
(3.9 MB)
(48 KB)

Video [M4V]

(29.5 MB)
Matt Alber is a singer / songerwriter that I heard about in an email from a friend. I really think he is talented and after listening to his material on YouTube, I have purchased his CD and I follow him on Twitter. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. Way to go Matt!!

Link to Video

Go to

JAVA Applet

If you are not familiar with this game, the object is to remove as many marbles as possible from the board. The only legal moves are horizontal or vertical jumps with one marble over another to an empty hole on the other side, whereupon the marble that was jumped over goes away. To move, just drag the marbles in some legal direction.

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