CCSF Fall 2009 / CNIT 132 Homework #6 - CSS II

blue bats
book by Timothy Young
Welcome to Assignment #6 !!
Pumpkins Are Gay on Halloween Day,
Pumpkins Are Bright on Halloween Night!
-- anonymous
A poem when I was in pre-school
Origin of Jack-O-Lantern
...The way back was dark and windy, so Jack pleaded with the Devil to at least grant him light in which to find his way. The Devil, in a magnanimous un-Devil like manner, tossed Jack an ember from the fires of Hell. Jack shielded the ember in a turnip he'd been eating and left Hell.

Ever since, Jack has been doomed to wander in the darkness alone, and his name and lantern are synonymous with a damned soul.

...The jack o' lantern is easily the most recognized and used symbol of Halloween in modern age.
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