CCSF Fall 2009 / CNIT 132 Homework #8 - CGI Scripts

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You have come the the Homework 8 Main Menu. This assignment has two different pages with work involving Forms and calls to CGI Scripts.

Homework 8(a)

Take the form designed in Homework 7. Have it call a PERL script which will process the form data and present a new page displaying the data in some form of acknowledgement page. This page will prove that the data was passed from one page to another.
Homework 8(b)

Design a new form. Have it call a PHP script which will process the data onto a new page AND as another proof that the script as done something productive with the data, the PHP will also email that data to me (Ed Caruso). There is NO special/personal information asked for in this form.

I hope you enjoy the work

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