CCSF Spring 2010 / CNIT 133 Homework 4 - Decision Logic II

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Part 1 This is a webpage that contains a script, using the for statement, that calculates the product and sum of every third integer from 5 to 20 and then outputs XHTML text that displays the results.
Part 2 This is a webpage that contains a script that will calculate compound interest on a principal of $1000 for interest rates of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10%, for years 1 through 10.

Use XHTML text to output, in table format, the year followed by the total amount calculated for each of the interest rates of 5% - 10%. (Be sure to include cents.) Your 3rd column should contain the corresponding interest rate.
Part 3 A mail-order house sells five different products whose retail prices are as follows:

product 1: $2.98
product 2: $4.50
product 3:$9.98
product 4: $4.49
product 5: $6.87

Create a webpage that contains a script that inputs the following:
  1. Product number(1 through 5)
  2. Quantity sold for that product - (for the week)
Your script should use a switch statement to help determine the retail price for each product and should calculate and output XHML that displays the retail amount for each product and the total retail amount of all the products sold last week. Use form input boxes to obtain the product numbers (hard coded as 1-5) and the quantity sold for each product from the user.
Part 4 This is a webpage that constructs a list using unordered list or ordered list tags. The kind of list your script generates will be based on input from the user (using a form textbox)

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