CCSF Spring 2010 / CNIT 133 Homework 9 - Ajax Applications

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Part 1 Recreate the 'gethint' Ajax example from W3Schools. Use the php file containing the hints and expand them to include several more names as hints.
Part 2 Create a webpage containing a form and an Ajax script that will receive data sent from the server. The form should contain four input text boxes, for Name, Time, Date (day, date format), and Date (mm/dd/yy format). After the user enters their name in the Name text box and then clicks outside this text box, the Ajax script should access three php scripts on the server which will contain the Time, Date (day, date format), and Date (mm/dd/yy format) and return the Time and Date formats into their respective text boxes.
Part 3 Create a webpage containing your own poll so that the web page can get the poll results without reloading. See this link from W3Schools for assistance. Expand the php script to include the number of votes for yes and the number of votes for no. The count of these votes should display on the page along with the %.

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